Posted by andy | Published on: 20 September, 2016 | 322 1 0 0
keytool is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
If it is your first time learning to build android project, you may find an issue when try to generate a private key. This message keytool is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. may occur if the path of your java sdk has not been set globally.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 26 August, 2016 | 625 0 2 0
In this tutorial you will learn how easily you can use Dapper.Net to map a database table object. So why do we need to use ORM mapping? Well the answer is simple, the main reason is to save time in coding. You can imagine if you have table contains multiple column fields and you have to map it one by one manually. This can be time consuming.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 11 July, 2016 | 758 0 0 0
Current working directory is not a Cordova based project.
Are you completely new to Cordova programming? If you visit the cordova site and follow the example step by step. On the time you create the project and try to add a platform, if you forget to navigate to the your project name directory and you set your preference platform. You will receive the following error message Current working directory is not a Cordova based project..
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Back to couple years ago before CSS3 is introduced, we have to manually specify the altering color to row background. This can be done in two ways. The first option is to add the style directly to the tr tag. While the second option is to add a css class into the row tag and define what will be the style for that css class.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 20 June, 2016 | 333 1 1 0
Disable Google analytics for local development
Google Analytics is one of the best free analytics site tracker. It gives you an idea the statistic of your visitors like the country they come from, the URL or keyword they search to go to your site or even the demographic or ages of your visitors. If you are a developer, you definitely do not want to track any data when you are in development phase. In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable google analytics for local development by using a javascript code if condition.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 21 May, 2016 | 489 0 0 0
How to set a skin template into DNN page?
There are two options to setup the skin template into the DNN website, the first option is to globally set all pages using the default skin template and the second option is to set the skin template manually to each page. Usually when you create skin templates in DNN, there are at least 2 skins will be created. One would be the home page skin and the rest is the generic page skin.
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Need a paypal donation for your site and do not know how to do it? Well you are on the right page. You can now easily generate a paypal donation button by entering your information on our paypal donation form generator. The generated paypal button will be in html link format, so you can easily integrate the link into your site. Compatible with any content management system like Wordpress or plain html.
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Published on: 05 June, 2013
In this tutorial, you will learn how you can get all the checkboxes values using JQuery. We will give you two example scripts, one is the script will search the checkboxes on the div wrapping a list of checkboxes, while the second example script is based on the class of the checkbox itself.
Latest Comments
Comment by Jim on 29 November, 2016
Hi Andy, I included the code "the WordPress" way like this
// Register Script function scroll_to_top() { wp_enqueue_script( 'scrolltotop', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/jquery.backtotoplink.js', array(), '1.0.0', true ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'scroll_to_top' );
When I click on the query.backtotoplink.js url I get the code so the link is good. I wrote more about it on github. The thing is, when I use the default WordPress jQuery it doesn't work, but when I use let's say a Google one then it works.
Comment by Jim on 29 November, 2016
I'd really like to add it to a WordPress page but I get the error: page-name:716 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'backToTopLink' of undefined(…) How can I fix this? I'm and want to use WordPress default jQuery.
Comment by dave on 25 November, 2016
I try to use multiple uploads at once. But failed. Can you help me how to do it. I looked into the link you shared with the same question as this but didnt come far. :(
Comment by Dave on 22 November, 2016
Is it possible to show files that I shared with the gmail account that uses this code ??? if I click on the show shared files I can see files that has been shared with me. Is it possible to see files that I shared ?
Comment by Wayne on 19 November, 2016
Many thanks Andy, I shall try this early next week and report back accordingly.
Comment by wayne on 16 November, 2016
Hi there, this code is writing the content of a csv file to the response body , but it doesn't fire up the Save As dialog box in IE 10. Can you assist?
Comment by Bob on 15 November, 2016
I didn't get any error, just couldn't launch the text file for download. Is it because I did it in a ContentPlaceHolder? codes from other sites didn't work either; I finally made it to bring up a .html page, and did the download there. Thank you for your responses.
Comment by WeiHsiung on 04 November, 2016
I've downloaded the zip file, unziped them, and uploaded them to a web server. In addition, I've completed step 1 and put the client id in the google-drive.js. Could you tell me how to run this? When I open google-drive.html on the web server, I see the following message.. "A quick example of utilizing Google Drive API using javascript and JQuery library. You will learn almost all of the basic of the Google Drive features in 60 minutes. I will include the step by step explanation and features that will be included on this tutorial. How to create your first Google Drive apps. Layout a login panel and google drive directories and files. Features like creating and deleting folder, upload and delete, browse folder, show shared folders and files, show upload progress, preview images in lightbox, convert uploaded file to google doc or OCR readable, show the user information and add the logout link." (there are more, I only pasted part of them...)
Comment by bob on 02 November, 2016
I tried the codes, didn't work.
Comment by MrSik on 25 October, 2016
How can I use drag drop (for upload) And select and upload more than 1 file at the time ??? I have found a script (dropzone.js) the only thing is I can't implement it to the script u using here. Can u help me with this problem.