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keytool is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
If it is your first time learning to build android project, you may find an issue when try to generate a private key. This message keytool is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. may occur if the path of your java sdk has not been set globally.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 26 August, 2016 | 212 0 1 0
In this tutorial you will learn how easily you can use Dapper.Net to map a database table object. So why do we need to use ORM mapping? Well the answer is simple, the main reason is to save time in coding. You can imagine if you have table contains multiple column fields and you have to map it one by one manually. This can be time consuming.
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Current working directory is not a Cordova based project.
Are you completely new to Cordova programming? If you visit the cordova site and follow the example step by step. On the time you create the project and try to add a platform, if you forget to navigate to the your project name directory and you set your preference platform. You will receive the following error message Current working directory is not a Cordova based project..
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Back to couple years ago before CSS3 is introduced, we have to manually specify the altering color to row background. This can be done in two ways. The first option is to add the style directly to the tr tag. While the second option is to add a css class into the row tag and define what will be the style for that css class.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 20 June, 2016 | 191 1 1 0
Disable Google analytics for local development
Google Analytics is one of the best free analytics site tracker. It gives you an idea the statistic of your visitors like the country they come from, the URL or keyword they search to go to your site or even the demographic or ages of your visitors. If you are a developer, you definitely do not want to track any data when you are in development phase. In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable google analytics for local development by using a javascript code if condition.
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How to set a skin template into DNN page?
There are two options to setup the skin template into the DNN website, the first option is to globally set all pages using the default skin template and the second option is to set the skin template manually to each page. Usually when you create skin templates in DNN, there are at least 2 skins will be created. One would be the home page skin and the rest is the generic page skin.
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This test will connect to your mail server via smtp and perform a check by sending a testing email.
140 amazing web buttons collection. Simply select the color you like and click the view code link to get the html code.
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Published on: 05 June, 2013
In this tutorial, you will learn how you can get all the checkboxes values using JQuery. We will give you two example scripts, one is the script will search the checkboxes on the div wrapping a list of checkboxes, while the second example script is based on the class of the checkbox itself.
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Comment by soruc on 17 October, 2016
How can i when i delete something that it goes to trash and it won't be showed ??? so that the owner can restore it. ? because deleting it permanently is risky for me.
Comment by Arjun on 08 October, 2016
Nice article . I am try to do OCR also . I do get response in json format . the key is external links. when i hit that url it start downloading I want to show the text in text box instead of downloading the file.
Comment by Julia on 11 October, 2016
Hi, I'm a newbie. Do you have the code for "simply add an image inside the div "? Thanks!
Comment by Soruc on 12 October, 2016
Hey i have a question Is this possible ? Things u showed here ( man god bless u) i have searched for weeks
Comment by Patrik Johansson on 09 September, 2016
Hi, Good attempt but there are so much important stuff missing here that I wonder if it will actually help people trying to do this or not. Like no mentioning that you have to change the output of the build and that the class PersonInfo is referenced in the code above but not declared etc. /Patrik Johansson
Comment by Samuel on 03 September, 2016
Hi Andy, Thanks for tutorial, it's work fine to me. How create fetch url for streaming video in gdrive? any link for tutorial? like generate thanks befor.
Comment by Fabian on 04 September, 2016
Awesome, thank you for sharing this
Comment by votuong on 04 September, 2016
Thank the code, but i need user offline. please
Comment by Jonathan on 24 August, 2016
I had an issue with the outer div blocking underlying content (i had posted a js-fiddle asking how to solve it, but have since figured it out) if anyone else has the same issue, i solved it using information found here: tldr; add pointer-events: none; to menuwrapper add pointer-events: auto to each child case (you might want to update your css after you have evaluated it's efficacy)
Comment by Jonathan on 24 August, 2016
how can you get the outer layer (menuwrapper in your example, div_content_left in mine) to only be 150px when no flyover is active, and 100% the rest of the time? (if i make it 100% all the time, it prevents click through to items underneath) it's not going to be possible to put my content in the same div, so i need a way of having the menu visible, and working, but not blocking clicks to the page underneath. note - the css in the fiddle is auto generated, however what you see there is cut and paste from dev tools, minus a few graphics and event clicks. i can edit the script that generates the css.