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In this tutorial, you will learn on how to create custom directives in Vue.js. We will create two custom directives that will perform a check for an input that will accept numbers only and another custom directive that will accept whole numbers only. We will implement blur event on the input and if the user has entered wrong input. It will return 0 as default value.
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How to create login form template using HTML5 and CSS3?
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a login form template using HTML5 and CSS3. The concept of our login box will be placed centrally on a page. It will basically have an email and password fields for users to enter their login information and also links to request password just in case they forgot their login credentials and option to create an account. We will make the login box as responsive to a screen size that is less than 640px and 320px.
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How to order the SQL query result by best match keyword search.
If you develop a website or a program that allows your users to perform a search. When the users perform a search query, you probably want to return the best match result first because it is actually more relevant to the search they need. For example, let says we have a database table contains the following list of product.
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Need a paypal donation for your site and do not know how to do it? Well you are on the right page. You can now easily generate a paypal donation button by entering your information on our paypal donation form generator. The generated paypal button will be in html link format, so you can easily integrate the link into your site. Compatible with any content management system like Wordpress or plain html.
This test will connect to your mail server via smtp and perform a check by sending a testing email.
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Published on: 05 June, 2013
In this tutorial, you will learn how you can get all the checkboxes values using JQuery. We will give you two example scripts, one is the script will search the checkboxes on the div wrapping a list of checkboxes, while the second example script is based on the class of the checkbox itself.
Latest Comments
Comment by Basanta on 16 February, 2018
Hi Andi! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm going to implement this in my project. Thanks again :)
Comment by Deepti on 15 February, 2018
Hi , Thanks for your Reply But I compiled and Checked Whole project but sill i am unable to find where the amount is getting set whether the amount is set in webapi i wanted to change it from 45.95 to something else please help me out
Comment by Deepti on 14 February, 2018
Hi , This tutorial is great – but I want to update the amount List.Add(new ProductInfo() { ProductID = 1, Name = "PC Case", Description = "Durable PC Case Black Color", UnitPrice = 0.01, SKU = "PC250" }) but it always comming as 45.95 please tell me where to set these amount With Regards Deepti
Comment by Stuti on 13 February, 2018
Hi Andy, Thanks for your tutorial, it really works! i want few changes to be done and can you please explain and guide me on how to go about the same. I would be sharing a link with say 10 people, and i want all of them to upload their files onto one specific shared folder ( to my original drive ) from their account. Is this possible? How to proceed, and what are the changes i need to do to the Google API?
Comment by Anes P A on 12 February, 2018
Hi Andy, I tried your solution . Removed the line : and removed the folder : cordova-plugin-app-preferences from 'npm_folder' But still show: user@acer:~/dreamhouse-mobile-ionic$ ionic cordova plugin > cordova plugin ls cordova-plugin-app-preferences 0.99.3 "AppPreferences" cordova-plugin-console 1.0.5 "Console" cordova-plugin-device 2.0.1 "Device" First entry is that app name.. Please advise Thanks Anes