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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom button using TouchableOpacity in React Native. I will also show you how to create the custom property types and style the button. To get started with this tutorial, let's create a new simple project called CustomButtonProject. I assume you have already installed Node.JS on your computer or laptop. The sample tutorial is done in Windows environment.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 20 October, 2017 | 1147 0 0 0
If you get the following error message: Could not load exp://ipaddress on your Expo App in Android and IOS phone when you try to scan the QR Code, you can try the following solution. This problem occurs especially if you connect to via WIFI or cable through your router. Unfortunately, when connecting to the local development computer, it picks up the first priority address specified in your local computer. To fix it, please follow the following steps. Note: the screenshot of the images are taken under Windows 7.
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This test will connect to your mail server via smtp and perform a check by sending a testing email.