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Where is the Terminal program on a mac?
If you are a new to mac world, you may wonder where is the Terminal program located. If you are a new to mac world, you may wonder where is the Terminal program located. The Terminal program is located under Applications folder. When you hover your mouse cursor at the bottom of your mac screen, you will see there is a directory called Applications. If you click this folder, it will list of available program under Applications.
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If you are new to Cordova and about to learn to program your first mobile app. You might want to know how to install, remove or view plugins for your app. So why you do need a plugin? Plugins in cordova is considered as a component or a module created to be used to access Native API of your phone. For example if you need to access your phone camera, you will need a camera cordova plugin which is cordova-plugin-camera. There are heaps of available plugin created by developers, you just need to try and test them so it works according to your need.
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Create your ebook android apps using Cordova Part 2
This is the second part tutorial of our first ebook cordova tutorial. If you miss the first part of the tutorial, I would recommend you to read the first tutorial before continue reading this article. You can click the following link to read the first tutorial. As I promised, in this tutorial, you will learn how to package your ebook app into .apk file. The first thing you have to do is to configure your application configuration setting xml file. This configuration information is used by Cordova to package your application. The configuration xml file is located under the root folder named config.xml. If you open your config xml file using any text editor, you will have the following information.
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How to display interstitial ad in Unity after a number of scenes play or a period of 10 minutes play time
After creating my first game using Unity. I decided to place an interstitial ad to generate some revenue. I use interstitial ad rather than a normal banner ad because I want to utilize full screen of game play and load the ad after a number of scenes play or for a period of 10 minutes play. To display an interstitial ad is quite simple. Either you choose with Google Admob or Unity Ad would be fairly easy. I will include both samples for each of the ad, so you can place them on your game app.
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create your first DNN module. This will be a basic module that will display Hello World. You will learn also how to get a module setting and save the value into module settings table and display it on the screen.
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