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Free DNN Module SEO Tags
Hate to use the Page Management in DNN to update the SEO Tags information because it is too slow? Well, it is no longer a headache, as the free SEO Tags module will help you easily to update the meta tags for Search Engine Optimization purpose. The speed to load the page tags information is guarantee much faster to the default page management in DNN. In addition, you can identify easily which meta tags page have not been set properly.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 03 March, 2016 | 1409 0 0 0
Free DNN Module PayPal Donation Button
Too much hassle to generate a donation paypal button link in PayPal site? Well, with this free DNN Module PayPal Donation Button, you can easily create a donation link on your site. Simply just enter your email address, the description of the donation and the currency code you want to accept.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 23 February, 2016 | 1323 0 0 3
Free DNN Module User Impersonator
Do you need to login as another user in order to troubleshoot the issue your users had? With this simple free DNN module User Impersonator, you can now impersonate any of your portal users easily. You do not have to request their login details in order to get the access to their account. Simply install this module and start login as them. The best of all this module is completely FREE.
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