Published on: 17 March, 2016

Free DNN Module Contact Form

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If you own a site and do not have a contact form, you are now in the right page. We provide completely free DNN module contact form for your site. It is easy to set up and help your visitor to ask some questions or inquiries about your services.

How to install the Contact Form module?

To install the contact form dnn module, you will need to login as a super user account. There is a tutorial on our site to show you how to install the module. The concept is exactly the same, what you have to do is to upload the module installation file. The tutorial can be found in How to install DNN module extension.

License Key

In order to use the module, you will need to obtain the license key from our site. It is completely free. You can get the information of your domain name and version in the module settings.

Go to the Contact Form Settings tab and get your domain name and module version information. Then visit this license key page to enter the information. Please make sure the email address entered is correct as this will be used to send the license key.

Download Files

Commented on: 22 Mar, 2016 09:57:39 PM
I getting this error message The license provided in the module settings does not match. Please check if the license key is correct.
Commented on: 22 Mar, 2016 10:08:42 PM
Hi Santhosh, When you go to the module settings, it should show you what is your domain name. Please make sure the domain name you enter in there match with the domain name you enter in the license page. I believe you enter localhost:4406, I don't think you need the port no. Please double check again.
Commented on: 23 Mar, 2016 09:04:25 AM
i am working in localhost (DNN Version 7.04), what can i do? kindly guide me
Commented on: 23 Mar, 2016 09:05:38 AM
Hi Santosh, Is it possible you send the screenshot of the module setting to info[at] And I will have a look into the license key.
Commented on: 13 Apr, 2016 12:27:12 AM
Hi Nauman, SMTP server represents the email server of your hosting email. it is usually the same server where is your site is hosted. If you have an email when you setup your email on your phone or pc, you will require to enter the mail server or known as smtp server in order to be able to send or receive email. For question no 2, most of the mail server doesnt allow sending an email where the sender email is not from the same domain due to authentication problem. FYI, the module will automatically handle the reply address to automatically the visitor email so this will make your time easier to reply them.
Nauman Ali
Commented on: 14 Apr, 2016 10:41:03 PM
Yeah I figured that out. And managed to set it up correctly and its working now. Thank you very much.
Commented on: 13 Apr, 2016 12:19:21 AM
Hi!! I have just installed this module and now configuring it. can anyone please explain me the following terms in settings 1- SMTP Server (what is it?) 2- From Email Address (wont this be an email address in the form? why is it in settings too ?) thanks
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:24:12 PM
Hi, I'm trying to set up the module, but it says that the license key is not valid. I'm copy and pasting it from the email however. Any ideas?
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:38:02 PM
Could you please pass the domain name and the license key? So i can check if it is a valid key?
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:24:00 PM
It doesn't seem to make any difference if I enter a number, a string or leave it blank, the "Phone" field reports "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:38:00 PM
Does the error occur after you click the submit button?
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 02:13:04 PM
When I hit "submit" here ...
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 02:14:32 PM
Could you double check if the smtp settings under the host menu has already been setup correctly and what version of DNN are you using?
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 09:19:17 PM
Andy, DNN version: 08.00.04 (226) Licence key is entered. I am using basic authentication to an on-site Exchange 2016 high availability cluster requiring a user name etc. Peter
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:21:43 PM
Can i modify the contact form if i need to remove some field from the form eg i dont need the subject field.
Commented on: 06 Feb, 2017 01:37:58 PM
Hi Najeeb, as I couldnt provide you the source code, what you can do is hide subject textbox manually via css and add default text for the subject field. Alternatively you can change that the subject field is not required so you dont have to add some dummy text on it.
Commented on: 15 Feb, 2017 10:35:31 AM
Hi Andy, I tried editing the css file but i cant see anywhere to hide the textbox, kindly guide as to where should the css be edited.
Commented on: 15 Feb, 2017 10:42:24 AM
Hi Najeeb, You can do this, download the installation package file and unzip them. Then unzip the file and edit the view.ascx file. Look for the div row that you want to hide for example if you want to hide the contact no, looks for the following tag that wrap the contact no. <div class="row-input"> Then add the style css to hide it. It will be like this. <div class="row-input" style="display:none"> Then zip again the resources folder to and zip again the installation file. and reupload the installation package again. If you have access to the server, you can modify view.ascx file directly in the desktopmodules folder under the root folder of the site, so you can skip the zip/unzip process. Let me know if this helps.
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