Published on: 23 June, 2014

Browser Detection

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There are may kinds of browsers, it can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. Each browser acts and renders HTML differently which force web developers to check what type of a browser, a current user use. By detecting browser client, web developers can load specific type requirements to make sure their website pages are cross platform friendly. One way to check the browser type is by using a build-in keyword navigator. This build-in keyword has the following main properties:
  • appCodeName

    This is the code name of the browser for ex: Mozilla

  • appName

    This is the name of the browser for ex: Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • userAgent

    This will return the user agent header information.

The following javascript will help you to detect the browser type.
function checkBrowser(){
   if (/Firefox[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent)){
     return "Firefox";
   }else if (/MSIE (\d+\.\d+);/.test(navigator.userAgent)){
     return "IE";
   }else if (/Opera[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent)){
     return "Opera";
     // you can add more condition in here.
     return "Not Specified";

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