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Posted by andy | Published on: 13 March, 2016 | 919 0 0
SASS Basic
You will learn the SASS basic features and how it can easily help you creating the fast and elegant way in css. Once you know how to use it, you will never want to style in the old way you do.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 19 March, 2016 | 846 0 0
Understanding Comments in SASS
To write comment in SASS is exactly the same way you write in your css document file. There are two types of comments available in SASS, one is multiple comments and the other one is a single comment. The different in commenting in SASS is if you use only single line comment which is identified by double forward slash //, it will be ignored when we compile it to the css output file. While if it is a group comment which is identified by those comment code line /* your comment */, it will be keep in the css output file. Please see the example below and how it output result will be.
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Posted by andy | Published on: 07 April, 2016 | 2004 0 1
SASS Math Calculation
Sass does support math calculation on the fly for your document css. The calculation technique is useful especially you want to automatically set a specific width based on percentage calculation. The supported formula includes adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
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