How to remove tfs source control binding from a Visual Studio project?

andy - 23 Nov, 2018 8064 Views 0 Comment

You may wonder how to completely remove a source control binding from your TFS. It is actually pretty easy. This will be quite handy especially if you want to share your project files to your friends or clients without have to let them know much about the source control information.

The following methods to remove has been tested using Visual Studio 2017. It should have the same way with previous or later version in the future. In your project files, find any files with an extension of *.vssscc and *.vspscc. Delete all of those file extensions.

Then open the .sln solution file using notepad or text editor. Do not open using Visual Studio program as it will open the project solution. Once the file has been opened, look for the wording TeamFoundationVersionControl.

Remove the whole section of this configuration and save the file. If you try to open it again, you should not get any warning issue regarding with the TFS source control binding anymore.


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