How to hide DNN copyright in DNN 9?

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With the new release of version 9 in DNN. There is some missing option to hide the DNN copyright in HTML source code. This is a bit annoying. Because the host settings are no longer available in the newer version. Not sure because the DNN team does not have time to add this option in or they completely forget about this. I still keen on the old configuration menu as they are more structured and easy to navigate compared to the newer version. Hopefully, the DNN team sort this issue in the future release.

Although the option to turn off the DNN Credit is no longer available. We can easily tweak it by running an SQL query. If you are a superuser account, you should be able to access this feature. The SQL console should be located under the setting icon. See below image for more details.

Once you are in the SQL console, you can run the following query.

UPDATE {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}HostSettings
SET Copyright = 'N'

Thing to remember in here, you always want to include the keyword {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier} when running the SQL query, the databaseOwner keyword will be replaced by the database owner in the SQL database, usually it will be dbo. While the {objectQualifier} will be replaced by the table prefix. When you install a fresh DNN, you can set a prefix which known as object qualifier. For example, if you set the prefix to dnn, all table will have a prefix of dnn_ created.

Once the SQL query has been executed successfully. You need to clear the application cache. This will make sure the DNN application will get the latest settings from the database. To clear the cache, you can go to settings icon > servers menu.


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