Published on: 30 Apr, 2014

Free JQuery Image Gallery Plugin

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Blog content without images must be boring!!! Blog content without image gallery must be outdated as well. If you a fan of JQuery library, you are in a lucky position, there are heaps of JQuery image gallery plugin out there you can easily plugin on your site whether you are using content management system or just a normal website pages.

Below is the list of the best and free jquery image gallery plugins available on the internet. We will keep update the following pages to give you the best of the best image gallery jquery plugin.

1. JQuery PrettyPhoto Gallery Plugin

PrettyPhoto is a free jQuery image gallery providing support in images, videos, youtubes, videos, iframes and ajax content.

JQuery PrettyPhoto Gallery

View Demo

2. JQuery Lightbox Gallery Plugin

jQuery lightBox plugin is pretty simple to use. It is easy to implement and one of an simple and quick solution you can use to showcase your image gallery.

JQuery Lightbox Gallery

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3. Jquery Nivo Slider Plugin

If you need an elegant Jquery image slider, this might be your number one choice. It is elegant and have multiple effects you can choose. The plugin is completely open source and free to use. If you are using wordpress, you can buy a ready plugin without have to code your self.

JQuery Nivo Slider

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4. Jquery Fancybox Plugin

Another alternative of JQuery PrettyPhoto gallery, they are almost similar. FancyBox provides a nice Mac style lightbox floating.

JQuery Fancybox

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5. Jquery Coin Slider Plugin

Another alternative of JQuery Nivo slider, it has unique transition effects and support old browser like IE6 and supports android and iphone phones.

JQuery Coin Slider

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6. Jquery Easy Slider Gallery Plugin

Jquery Easy Slider Gallery provides another image banner slider options for your website.

Jquery Easy Slider Gallery

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