Published on: 30 Apr, 2014

Free JQuery Rating Plugin

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If you build a rating website, you definitely need a rating plugin installed on your site. If you decide to build your own rating system, feel free to see the following free jquery rating plugin available for your site and they are completely free.

Below is the list of the best and free jquery rating plugin.

1. JQuery Raty Plugin

jQuery Raty is a simple and easy to use star rating plugin. You will be able to use your own image with half rating option as well.

JQuery Raty - Rating Plugin

View Demo

2. JQuery Half Star Rating Plugin

This is another option that is considered to be looked at. It can be used as rating plugin system.

JQuery Half Star Rating

View Demo

3. JQuery JRating Plugin

JRating Plugin is really unique and if you target for more specific score, this will be your number one choice. Other rating can only handle half rating. But this one can do even further. Really worthed to check it out.

JQuery Half Star Rating

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