How to get selected combo box value using JQuery and Javascript?

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In the past article, you have already learnt how to get a value from a check box using a JQuery and Javascript. You can check the article in here. Well in addition to that, I will show you how to get a value and text from a combo box or select dropdown input.

Let says we have the following combo box inputs with the following text and values.

We will create 4 different functions to get text and value of a combo box using Javascript and JQuery.

//Function scripts to get value/text using JQuery or Javascript
<script text="tetxt/javascript">
	function getTextUsingJavascript(){
		var cbo = document.getElementById("cboItem");
		alert("The selected text is " + cbo.options[cbo.selectedIndex].text);
	function getValueUsingJavascript(){
		var cbo = document.getElementById("cboItem");
		alert("The selected value is " + cbo.options[cbo.selectedIndex].value);
	function getTextUsingJQuery(){
		alert("The selected text is " + $("#cboItem :selected").text());
	function getValueUsingJQuery(){
		alert("The selected value is " + $("#cboItem").val());

<select id="cboItem">
	<option value=''>Select Programming Language</option>
	<option value='1'>Javascript</option>
	<option value='2'>JQuery</option>
	<option value='3'>C#</option>
	<option value='4'>PHP</option>

<button id="btnGetTextJavascript" onclick="getTextUsingJavascript()">Get Text Using Javascript</button> 
<button id="btnGetValueJavascript" onclick="getValueUsingJavascript()">Get Value Using Javascript</button>
<button id="btnGetTextJQuery" onclick="getTextUsingJQuery()">Get Text Using JQuery</button>
<button id="btnGetValueJQuery" onclick="getValueUsingJQuery()">Get Value Using JQuery</button>

Pretty easy right? Hopefully it helps for newbie that just start learning JQuery and Javascript programming.


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