Published on: 02 Jan, 2014

How to delete all stored procedures with specific prefix in one go using while loop in SQL Server?

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In some occasion, you may want to delete a list of stored procedures with the same prefix name. You can do it easily using a while loop. You can use the following script and run in your SQL Query Panel.

/*  Run this command in sql query panel, you just need to replace 'Prefix_SPName' to your prefix table' */
declare @procName varchar(500)
declare icursor cursor
for select [name] from sys.objects where type = 'p' and name like 'Prefix_SPName%'
open icursor
	fetch next from icursor into @procName
	while @@fetch_status = 0
		exec('drop procedure ' + @procName)
		fetch next from icursor into @procName
close icursor
deallocate icursor

You probably want to check our other article about deleting all tables by using while loop and prefix condition.


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