How to use Switch Case in TSQL?

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If you do not want to use the IF condition in TSQL. You can use the Switch Case which is more structured organized.

Here is the basic Switch Case format in SQL Server.

	WHEN {{ condition expression}} THEN {{ result expression }} 
	ELSE {{ other expression - Optional ]   

You can have more than one WHEN condition while the last ELSE condition is optional. Let's say we have the following Products table and we want to display the price description based on the product amount. Anything below $100 will be considered Affordable while between $100 and $200 will be considered Quite Expensive and over $200 will be considered Expensive.

Here is the Switch Case condition code that we will handle the logic condition for the above criteria.

			WHEN Price <= 100 THEN 'Affordable'
			WHEN Price > 100 AND 200 <= Price THEN 'Quite Expensive'
			ELSE 'Expensive'
		END AS PriceDescription
FROM [dbo].[Products]


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