How to bind multiple css classes in Vue.js?

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In this Vue.js tutorial, we are going to learn on how to bind multiple CSS classes into HTML HTML tag. So let's get started. I am going to use the Vue.js library script tag for a faster tutorial. So the first thing we have to do is to include the Vue.js library. I will use the development version of the library as this is just for a quick and demo development only.

<script src=""></script>

We then need to create a html block element with an id on it so we can reference the id when we will initiate the Vue.js instance.

<div id="app">
	<div id="ourExampleDiv">
		This is our div example.

We are going to create three css classes which will implement the font size, the color of a text and the font weight of a text.


Let's get started with our javascript code.

var app = new Vue({
	el: '#app',
	data: {
		textBold: 'bold'
	methods: {
			return "red";

As you can see from above code, we are going to implement the multiple classes with the following conditions.

  1. We inject directly a css class textSize to the div tag.
  2. We inject a css class based on a method or function named ApplyRedColor.
  3. We inject a css class based on existing data variable.

We then need to modify our html code to use the Vue.js css class directive which is :class. This is the short keyword directive of v-bind:class.

<div id="app">
	<div id="ourExampleDiv" :class="['textSize', applyRedColor(), textBold]">
		This is our div example.

When you view the source of the html using element inspector. You can see those 3 css classes have been added into the div tag.

Demo of Vue.js on binding multiple css classes.

Please see the following demo of a div tag with red big text.

This is our div example.

I hope this simple tutorial helps. If you have any question regarding with the code, feel free to post your comment below.


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