Published on: 23 February, 2016

Free DNN Module User Impersonator

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Do you need to login as another user in order to troubleshoot the issue your users had? With this simple free DNN module User Impersonator, you can now impersonate any of your portal users easily. You do not have to request their login details in order to get the access to their account. Simply install this module and start login as them. The best of all this module is completely FREE.

How to install this DNN module?

To install this module, you will need to get a super user account. There is a tutorial to show you how to install the module. The concept is exactly the same what you have to do is to upload the module installation file. The tutorial can be found in How to install DNN module extension.

License Key

In order to use the module, you will need to obtain the license key from our site. It is completely free. You can get the information of your domain name and version in the module settings.

Go to the User Impersonator Settings tab and get your domain name and version information. Then visit this license key page to enter the information. Please make sure the email address entered is correct as this will be used to send the license key.

Please make sure you install this module into a protected page, as if you leave it open, unauthorized users may login as others using this module.

The dropdownlist contains the user information can be changed in the module settings. You can either view the list based on username, email or their firstname or lastname.

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25 February, 2016
The impersonate module is not seen in the dropdown list so no licence key is generated.
25 February, 2016
Sorry Dave, would you like to try again? the option should be there now.
23 June, 2017
I can't seem to get a license key. It says there was an error sending an email to my email address. I tried 3 different emails, still didn't work.
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