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Use our Free FTP Tester Tool to test if your ftp server is accessible from the Internet. To test the connectivity, please enter all the required fields marked with ** and click Test FTP button.


What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. it is well known as a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host through tcp network like Internet.

How does FTP work?

In order for the FTP to work, a hosting server needs to host an FTP server application. Then in order to connect and transfer files from recipients to FTP server, users can use ftp client software (graphical software), a comand line console from your pc or even browsers to do the job. It requires ftp name server address, username and password in order to connect an FTP server.

Most common issue with FTP access

One of the most common issue with the FTP access is users may have entered wrong credential information and keep trying to login to the server for multiple attempts. They end up being added in to the block list and can't longer access to the FTP. Another possible error, is either the FTP account has not been created or the username or password supplied is incorrect. This is the reason, why we create this FTP Test tool to help you diagnosis the problem.


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