Published on: 05 April, 2013

Optimize link and image tags.

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If you have links or images on your website, make sure you take good advantages of those tags inserting some keywords into the tag. For example: let's say you provide a plumbing service and your location in Sydney. When you describe your business to visitors make sure you create some keywords that links back to your site, if possible to a particular page like "About Us" or "Services". In the link itself, you can type a descriptive text that will describe your the best of your business. In this example, have a quick look of the title tag and link text.

<a href="" title="Best Plumbing Service in Sydney">Sydney Plumber</a>

For the image tag, also apply the same rule that you have done for the link tags. Always use the descriptive image name, instead have image1.jpg, you can rename it to sydney-plumber.jpg, this will have a better value for the search engine. Have a quick look of the alt tag of this example:

<img src="/assets/content/seo/images/Webkeet-Online-Learning.png" alt="Learn web technologies online"/>


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