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Site navigation can be considered as another important part of search engine. It helps guiding your visitors to find the content they need. On the other hand, it also help search engine understand of what type of content you current website have.

Always check on your site that all links are working properly, remove any dead links (404 Page Not found) if found on the site. Try to avoid any navigations that using javascript or animation like flash because sometimes they are dynamically generated and can not be crawled by google.

Things to do when your site is ready for on-line publication:

  • Have a html sitemap consisting all of your site links.
  • Create an xml sitemap and submitted the sitemap xml to google. You can use some 3rd party tools to generate the site xml for you. Check it out here.
  • Redirect the non-www request to www if possible.
  • Create a custom 404 error page is possible so it has more meaning and value to your visitor when they reach this page rather than using the default page provided.


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